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The necessity to organise workshops psychology (19862 Views)
The body image in psychological perspective and theories (10481 Views)
analysis the magic in the treatment of the mentally ill in the past (8549 Views)
Investigating relationship between Individual social networks and social health of youth (5530 Views)
Introduce a tool The (WJ III) (5168 Views)
The relationship between Family Communication Patterns and differentiation of self with quality of life of women applicant divorce (5083 Views)
examining social factors affecting life satisfaction ( case study students Payame Noor University unit of the shaft ) (4998 Views)
Efficacy of family therapy combined with CBT techniques on treatment of sexual variety seeking (4982 Views)
Family therapy based on cognitive-behavioral approach in reducing adolescent behavior problems has fathers with substance abuse: “Case Study” (4460 Views)
Relation between learning resource management strategies and learning strategies with Self- efficacy) Studied high school students Amol city) (4454 Views)
Predicting children's marital satisfaction in terms of parenting styles (4325 Views)
The study of some correlative of sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction in married women of Esfahan City (4259 Views)
Choice theory: an approach to accountability and (4232 Views)
Prediction of psychological well-being based on the orientation of life and optimism (4137 Views)
Comparison between Parenting styles and Children Ego strength (4126 Views)
Importance of sex education for individuals with mental retardation (3992 Views)
Study on Efficacy of "Self-review method" of increasing Happiness and elf-esteem on female delinquent adolescents (3960 Views)
Effectiveness of Combined Training of Theory of Mind with Four-Factor Sympathy Program on Social-Emotional Self-efficacy and Bullying Attitute in Elemerntry School Students (3836 Views)
The relationship between anthropology and theory of Empiricist - humanist Family Therapy (3806 Views)
Effectiveness of dialectical behavior therapy (based on skills training) on reduce impulsivity and increase emotional regulation in women dependent on Methamphetamine (3757 Views)
Dark but not black: A reply to Zarei, Ghorbani, and Gharibi (2016) (3660 Views)
Comparison of perceived social support among drug users with HIV, non-drug users and people living with HIV healthy (3599 Views)
Predicting Psychological Well-Being on the basis of Spiritual, Emotional and Social Intelligences in Iranian's College Students (3494 Views)
The relationship between family functioning and family drawing test (3444 Views)
Sensitivity Behavioral activation and inhibition system to predict the addiction potential tendency grader students (3425 Views)
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The role of sexual function and experience emotional breakdown in tendency toward relationships Extra-marital (2694 Downloads)
Efficacy of family therapy combined with CBT techniques on treatment of sexual variety seeking (1562 Downloads)
Forecasting sense of humor based on neuroticism and extraversion and their relationships with mental health in students (1434 Downloads)
Distress tolerance: Theory, Mechanism and Relation to Psychopathology (988 Downloads)
Guilt: Malady or Healing (902 Downloads)
The survey of the couple’s primary inconsistent schemas and the matrimonial adjustment in married students (900 Downloads)
Prediction of Life Satisfaction in Students based on Islamic lifestyle and spiritual intelligence (888 Downloads)
Analysis of The role of culture in psychopathology (823 Downloads)
Prediction of Marital Adjustment based on Decision Making and Problem Solving, Family Solidarity, Coping Strategies, Communication Skills, and Religious Beliefs (Factors Family Process) (792 Downloads)
Examining the relationship between early maladaptive schemas with marital problems in married women (760 Downloads)
The role of Identity Styles and Sense of Coherence in anticipation of Internet Addiction (745 Downloads)
Internet Addiction: The New Disorder in the Future Version of DSM (742 Downloads)
A review of psychological factors associated with drug abuse in Iran (719 Downloads)
Mobile, modern challenges of life (695 Downloads)
Relationship between goal orientation and perception of classroom goal structure and parents goal orientation with academic burnout among kermanshahhigh school female students (682 Downloads)
The effect of psychotherapy on brain's structure and function (678 Downloads)
Investigation Of Relationship Between Relationship Skills and Its components With Couple Burnout In Married Employees In NIDC Ahvaz. (665 Downloads)
Evaluation of the effectiveness couples marital adjustment rates of irrational beliefs (646 Downloads)
Predicting academic performance in terms of self-concept, self-esteem and self-control in elementary students (633 Downloads)
Psychotherapy in Iran: Problems and Prospects (595 Downloads)
The fourth wave of behavior therapy: The process of formation of behavior Treatments and its challenges (583 Downloads)
Investigating the comparison of early maladaptive schema; emotional quotient and social adjustment adolescents having tendency to dangerous behavior and normal adolescents (572 Downloads)
Relationship between physical activity and emotional intelligence in athlete students and comparison with non-athlete students (564 Downloads)
The effectiveness of transactional analysis group training (TA) on increase the level of forgiveness women (549 Downloads)
Relationship between five Factors of personality and state and trait anxiety in girl students of Boarding schools (543 Downloads)
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